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Courier Services

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Same-Day Courier Services

National Logistics Network offers national courier services that accommodate those same day shipments that just can't wait, with guaranteed pick up within one hour and direct delivery to the consignee. Whether the parcels are large or small, going across town or leaving the city limits, we are dedicated to finding the fastest, most economical door-to-door route to meet your delivery deadlines.

Benefits of same-day courier services

Beyond speed, same-day courier services allow a level of flexibility not possible by other means, including:

  • Pick-up and delivery times that fit within your schedule.
  • Scalability of vehicles to match the delivery size — vans, SUVS, and even bicycles.
  • Ability to make adjustments in real-time with a quick call to dispatch.

Courier services for time-sensitive shipments

Same day delivery couriers are relied upon by a host of industries, including retail, manufacturing, legal, and commercial. But they are especially crucial within the healthcare field via STAT medical delivery services, which transport urgent, time-sensitive items such as medications and treatments, tissues and organs, specimens and samples, and medical equipment and supplies.

Our national courier services are 100% guaranteed, insured, and bonded. We partner with the reliable couriers who can get it there today because we are committed to proving ourselves to our customers every day. Ship confidently on your schedule with NLN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this more expensive than using our company's car?
  • How quickly can your company pickup?
  • Can you provide 24-hour service?
  • Do you only offer courier services to large organizations, or can smaller businesses use you as well?