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National Logistics Network, LLC
A Full-Service Expedited Carrier & 3PL provider

Proudly providing 24-hour courier, ground, and air expedited logistics services for time-critical shipments since 2010.

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Customized  • On Time • Guaranteed

Founded in 2010, and twice featured on the Inc5000, National Logistics Network, LLC (NLN) is stringently organized as a full-service expedited logistics provider. Capable of handling any type of shipment, at any point in the logistics process, NLN has become the fastest growing logistics company headquartered in Pennsylvania as of 2021. Originally founded as, and best known for being an expedited motor carrier and mission critical STAT courier, our company focuses on customer service and processes that require a great deal of attention-to-detail and a high level of urgency. As a direct result of this philosophy, our customers demanded we bring that same mentality to fulfill other aspects of their logistics needs. Thus, we have experienced an eruption of sustained growth year over year. By bringing the same required urgency and attention to detail to the additional logistics processes we now offer, we have outperformed our competitors on nearly every aspect. So much so, that we now handle expedited freight for a vast majority of the largest logistics companies in the United States at the partnership level. NLN has earned consecutive Specialized Carrier of the Year awards by multiple Fortune 500 logistics companies since 2018. Applying our mindset to the rest of the 3PL industry, our services also include warehousing (Freight Warehouses, LLC), national medical courier services (CourierLink, LLC), specialized freight brokerage (NLN Brokerage, LLC) and International Freight Forwarding as a Freight Forwarder and Indirect Air Carrier (Nationlink, LLC).  

With the great service, comes great demand, our growth has been organic, requiring no outside investment.   we have been successful in covering nearly the entire logistics spectrum across North America and Internationally, meaning we almost certainly are able to provide a solution where a standalone service company would not. Utilizing our proprietary multimodal logistics model, our team arranges for the optimal mode or modes of transportation of your goods securely and expeditiously throughout the United States, or Internationally at a moment’s notice.  We work closely with a wide range of industries, including aerospace, health and medical, oil and gas, manufacturing, and supply chain partners.

We are approved as a bonded Motor Carrier, Freight Broker, and Freight Forwarder by the USDOT and as an Indirect Air Carrier by the TSA. We provide both asset-based carrier and third-party logistics (3PL) services - offering customized services for time-critical shipments. Our experienced team of logistics specialists help customers tailor shipments, as well as route, plan, consult, and expedite shipments according to their specific needs. We are operational 24/7/365.