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3PL Broker

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3PL Broker Services

National Logistics Network (NLN) is a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) Provider who offers logistics broker services. A logistics broker is a specialist serving as a liaison between a company that needs shipping services and an authorized motor carrier.

How 3PL Works
In the logistics broker process, the logistics broker makes the arrangement for transportation by connecting people that demand their shipment of goods transported with movers who are capable of transporting their shipment for competitive prices. National Logistics Network does not operate the truck but helps the clients by making all the necessary arrangements for the truck and labor to load and unload the shipment. Our companies provide estimates for service on behalf of motor carriers based on the rates in the motor carrier's tariff.

Our 3PL Network
As a third-party logistics provider (3PL), we have a network of over 150,000 independent owner/operators. This allows us to find a vehicle to suit your needs anywhere in North America. Our logistics experience and expertise will put you at ease knowing we have you covered. We are set up to optimally solve customer problems, ensuring high-quality delivery, the proper handling and securing of the freight, and have customized convenient forms of invoicing for services rendered.

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