Shipping Cost Calculation Tools

Having trouble calculating shipping costs? Use this handy set of tools as a starting point. They can help convert between imperial and metric units and calculate the all-important freight density. Also known as dimensional weight or cargo density, freight density is a measurement of how much weight is concentrated into an area of volume. Remember that billable weight is the greater of an item's dimensional weight or actual weight. Lighter or more fragile objects that take up more space can be more costly to ship than heavier objects that take up less space!

Dimension Calculator

Calculate the dimensional weight of a shipment by providing length, width, and height.

Pounds To Kilograms

This tool converts pounds to kilograms and kilograms to pounds.

Inches to Centimeters

Converts inches to centimeters and centimeters to inches.

Cargo Density Calculator

Calculates feet, meters, lb/cubic ft, kg/cubic m, and classes based on given values.