Meet Our Logistics Team

Carlton Blythe

Warehouse Manager
ROC Operations
P: 5854841320 F: 814-933-0180

Anthony Ciotti

P: 814-580-2000 F: 814-933-0180

Anthony Ciotti is from Erie, PA.  He has previous work experience with inside and outside sales, welding, as a CNC operator,  and as an auditor. For high school, he graduated from Cathedral Prep in 2004, and then he graduated from Mercyhurst University in 2008 with a double major in Communications and Production. He is also TSA certified, a certified ISO auditor, and race car driver. He is the co-owner of National Logisitics Network and has been with the organization from day 1. He is an asset to the team because he is "not afraid of hard work and doing things the right way. Honesty and loyalty are the core values I live my life by which in turn shows in my leadership and day to day operations." Outside of work, Anthony Ciotti enjoys being outdoors, fishing, hunting, playing music, and volunteering. 

John Csir

VP of Finance and Human Resources
P: 8145809697 F: 814-933-0180

Nick Curry

Logistics Specialist I
Erie Operations
P: 8144800498 F: 814-933-0180

Jacob DiGello

Accounting Clerk
P: 8143152287 F: 814-933-0180

Ty Edwards

Operations Director of OKC
P: 4055612664 F: 814-933-0180

Dan Laughner

Logistics Specialist II
Erie Operations
P: 8145809445  F: 814-933-0180

Amber Mallin

Logistics Specialist I
Erie Operations
P: 8147316941 F: 814-933-0180

Zachary McCoy

Operations Manager of ERI
ERI Operations
P: 8145805822 F: 814-933-0180

Dekota Mclean

Logistics Specialist I
Erie Operations
P: 8145809921 F: 814-933-0180

Joshua Mezzacapo

P: 814-580-2000  F: 784-933-0180

Originally from Erie, PA, Josh attended Robert Morris University on a football and track scholarship in 2004-2005. In the summer of 2005, after careful consideration, he decided to transfer universities to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to pursue a degree in Aeronautical Sciences and completed his pursuit of that degree in 2008.

Josh's family has been involved with logistics for the past 15 years. Josh began as a driver before venturing out to create National Logistics Network, LLC in 2009. As the founder, his role is to take the vision of the company and make it a reality. Josh has dedicated his life to the success of this company and his goal is to become a nationwide brand in high priority logistics.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys spending time with his fiance and children. He also greatly enjoys sports and outdoor activities. He is a longtime student of the game of football and enjoys watching and participating in any capacity he can. He also enjoys golfing, boating, the beach, flying, and traveling.

Marcy Lynn Pearce

Compliance and Freight Audit
P: 7242007223 F: 814-933-0180

De'Andre Ralston

Director of IT/Communications
P: 8146360397 F: 814-933-0180

Chris Reesman

Logistics Specialist I
Courier & Expedite
P: 8148411110 F: 814-933-0180

Scott Rogers

Logistics Specialist I
Erie Operations
P: 8143109106 F: 814-933-0180

Derek Rudler

Logistics Specialist I
Erie Operations
P: 8145808058 F: 814-933-0180

Brian Szewczykowski

Logistics Specialist II
Erie Operations
P: 8145809823 F: 814-933-0180

Kerry Tabb

Accounts Payable Specialist
P: 8145809399 F: 814-933-0180